Irma Sanchez knew that she needed help. She drove all the way from Fresno, California to Oakland to find Attorney Pamela Price. Sanchez worked at Corcoran State Prison as a guard. She had 16 years in the Department. A single Mom, Sanchez needed her job. But, she needed Attorney Price to help her keep her job. One of her co-workers, Sydney Smyth, was sexually harassing and stalking her at work and outside of work. Sanchez was terrified that she was going to lose her job because she complained about Smyth.

Pamela agreed to take her case and filed it in federal court in Fresno. The case lasted 3 years and was hard fought the whole time. Smyth denied any wrongdoing and most of Sanchez’ co-workers did not back up her claims. Following a 3-week trial in the summer of 2015, the jury awarded Sanchez more than $600,000.  The case settled in early 2016 for $750,000.00.

Irma Sanchez and Attorney Pamela Y. Price, June 2015