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Pamela Y. Price
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Pamela Y. Price
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Abner M.

Ms. Price was able to unmask the ugly face of racism within Amtrak and gave me a great sense of pride, hope and confidence that we would be able to present a good strong case against them.

Justice was not granted in the first trial against Amtrak.  Amtrak tried to make me responsible for their legal fees.  At that point, Ms. Price pushed all cards to the table, rolled up her slevees  and went all in on a brilliant presentation to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals for a new trial and we won.

A year later, the U.S. Supreme Court certified the case against Amtrak to be heard in January, 2000.  This case would landmark the first civil rights case to be heard before the U.S. Supreme Court in the 21st century.  Being the first black female trial attorney in history to go before the U. S. Supreme Court,  Ms. Price went to work.  Months of preparation, hard work, long nights and 12 attorney firms across the country, she prepared a momumental, historical and revitering argument before the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court.  As I sat in the front row of the Supreme Court with my family watching Ms. Price at work, is something I will never, ever forget.  She was absolutely amazing.  We stood in the halls of the U.S. Supreme Court giving praise to God because we know God would give us this victory.

Six months later, June 10, 2000, the U.S. Supreme Court granted us a new trial, a victory and a new law in my name, Morgan vs. Amtrak, that to this date, others have used as a stepping stone and measuring stick against racism.

As anticipated, Amtrak did not concede and we went through another 6-week trial.  We were  again victorious.

Ms. Price is not only a very hard, courageous, tough and tenacious attorney, she is also a wonderfully, caring and compassionate person and I am thankful that God blessed me with her acquaintance.

Abner Morgan Jr. & Pamela Y. Price

Charles A.

Pamela Price is not only an excellent Civil Rights but also a compassionate, loving and empathetic human being. Pamela as an attorney is dedicated to her clients. Pamela fights for any injustice her clients are subjected to. As a former client I recommend Pamela to defend anyone who is looking for an attorney who will give their all to defend and protect your rights. I disagree with those who say Pamela is exploitative. I think someone got it twisted here. I know first hand how she represented so many who were victims of racism and on the job harassment. Particularly, with the Department of Corrections, where women historically have been sexually harassed while performing their duties as correctional officers. I also think Pamela’s personal experiences of being a victim while in college is significant because it contributed to passage of Title IX legislation. I also think Pamela’s experiences contribute to her passion in practicing law. I also remember her as a criminal defense attorney representing those who were the most under served or without representation. Most of her clients would have been part of the prison population without her and other attorneys’ who she worked with. Pamela is thorough, always brings the facts and speaks truth to power. A highly recommend Pamela to anyone who seeking a qualified and dedicated attorney. I also feel Pamela has evolved into becoming a good politician. This is evident in her running for Mayor of Oakland and Alameda County District Attorney. For a first time candidate I think she did quite well. Sometimes a victory can come not only by winning, but also a victory comes when you “shock the world” and disrupt the status quo mentality. I’m certain if she runs for any political office in the future Pamela will do better because of what she learned from both campaigns. I know this is a lot, but write like I talk. Peace


Pamela Price is dedicated to her clients
Pamela Price is dedicated to her clients and is committed to using her legal talents to address injustice. She has utilized her knowledge as an attorney not only to the benefit of her clients but also to advance racial equity in our community by working pro bono to advance the goals of organizations who are striving to address systemic racism and injustice.

Monica Jimenez

Pamela Price is dedicated to her clients
I’m proud to share my experience with Ms. Pamela Price.

I was involved in a perpetual conflict with my former employer, Department of State Hospitals (DSH), an intermediate treatment facility within Salinas Valley State Prison. Many inmate patients were sexually inappropriate with Staff. DSH declined to follow their policies and procedures to protect staff; as prisoners became more sexually abusive. Administration and Supervisors repeatedly downplayed the sexual abuse and ignored our pleas for support when victimized.

In 2012, I was out on Workers’ Compensation because of the sexual abuse I was subjected to by an inmate. I was referred to Work Well Center for medical care of the anxiety I suffered. My doctor cleared me to return to work, and said for me to avoid the sex offending inmate. DSH refused to accommodate me at work. There were more than 17 vacant positions at that time, but DSH refused to “float” me to another position, away from the sex offending inmate even though floating staff was a common daily practice. Because of DSH, I was out of work for 5 weeks!

Ms. Price met with me and heard my case. She agreed to represent me! She actually filed a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit against DSH!

Ms. Price never wavered. Depositions of rank and file staff substantiated the abuse I complained about, and exposed several supervisors who violated policy and procedures. Ms. Price made them admit that they were negligent of their duties and abused their authority.

Pamela Price is powerful! Her respect for the court is paralleled by her passion for civil rights! I witnessed the respect the judges have for her and how nervous the state’s attorney can get!

My case went on for over 1.5 years — DSH subsequently settled out of court a month before our court date! DSH settled for ¼ million dollars! I was a very proud, empowered woman. My integrity and dignity were respected by Ms. Price … and recognized by DSH!

She Who Kneels before God Can Stand Before Anyone


I met Ms. Price and left just about 30 minutes ago but not going to wait to write the review. She was the only lawyer considered to talk in person about my issues and she was very caring and kind. I was trying find an attorney to represent me to file a case and most attorneys don’t even bother to talk nor ask what is the reason. I am satisfy with her treatment and the way I was treated. I was initially told for one hour but went over longer and close to 2 hours and I felt so ad for wasting her time. I asked her if she could help me in some other way if she doesn’t represent me, she gave me a bright light with her respond. “I will get you one even if I cannot take your case. There are so many people I know will be furious if they find out what happened”. I am fighting an uphill battle and I get negative opinions to walk away but if one don’t stand up for the right thing, the issue will continue to happen to others. I You will not regret nor feel like you were just trashed once you see her. She will give you positive views and what to considered. So, if you have any civil/constitutional cases or discrimination or others in her practise area, don’t waste your time with others. See her first and get the help.

P P.

Pamela and her team helped me and she stood by my side from the beginning to the end. Thank you Pamela and I appreciate you helping me with a bad experience at the dealership. She went in with the facts and we won. I will be sending you a referral next week please help her and I’ll be calling you tomorrow on Tuesday.

Melanie P.

Ms. Price is a phenomenal attorney who has committed over 20 years litigating civil rights cases against schools, police departments, employers and businesses. She takes tough cases in federal court and won millions of dollars for her clients. I worked there for a short time before becoming an attorney myself and the information I learned at her office is invaluable to me. While working in her office during the Morgan v. Amtrak case which went all the way to the US Supreme Court, I was treated with respect. She was pleasant, hardworking and seemed to appreciate her staff very much. People tend to write all kinds of defamatory things against businesses these days, but taking the time to write this positive review was really important to me because I’ve seen the work she’s done and I know the constraints that attorneys face as litigators and business owners. I recommend her highly as a Bay Area attorney dealing with harassment and discrimination cases. She’s won big over and over again in state and federal courts all over California despite the odds.

Debra Jennings, Civil rights Attorney

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

I endorse this lawyer. She is one of the top discrimination lawyers in America. Her case before the United States Supreme Court, opened the door and paved the way for hostile working environment cases. She is a zealous advocate.

Bernice P.

I spent 23 years on the job without a promotion. All engineered by my department head because I filed a sexual harassment complaint against him. His undoing happened when he promoted a clerk to a position over me. The clerk had zero experience, no degree and had not performed any work required by the position. By the grace of God I found Ms. Price, told her my story and she agreed to take my case. Thanks to Price and Associates, I won both punitive and compensatory damages. I will always be grateful to Ms. Price and her firm.

Deanna H.

In 1998, I filed a gender discrimination claim against the California Department of Corrections – Pelican Bay State Prison(PBSP). I had filed informational reports up my chain of command to Director C. A. Terhune, and then to California State Senator Richard G. Polanco and the Prison Oversight Subcommittee. Senator Polanco initiated an investigation by the Office of the Inspector General, and several Officers and myself met with the OIG Agents. In July of 2000, the OIG confirmed our complaints of gender discrimination in a scathing report describing how female Officer’s Inmate Disciplinary reports were habitually thrown away, their authority undermined and supervisors frequently made deals with inmates for the “services” of specific female staff. However, before the report was released, PBSP Warden Ayers found me guilty of numerous false allegations and fired me a week before his last day at PBSP… having lost his Senate Confirmation.

My career was ruined with false allegations of dishonesty. As a single mom with four teenagers, I’d lost my job, our home, any chance at a retirement. I felt like roadkill in the middle of life. Senator Polanco repeatedly told me that I had to get Pamela Price to represent me, “She knows what she’s doing.” And, Pamela accepted me as her client. The first time I sat in Pamela’s office, I noticed the five round stones she has on her desk. She says they’re to remind her that she is David against Goliath… and, Goliath had four sons. “You have to choose your battles.”

In 2003, after a six week trial, Pamela Price and John Burris won the slamdunk “Freitag v CDC.” Pamela had memorized her 12 page closing speech… and, she still to this day remembers every date and detail of the case. Pamela was beside me every moment of the trial with the full understanding that I was a country mouse being held hostage in the big city. I watched Pamela work for 72 hours, take a one hour nap and then work another 72 hours for most of that six weeks.
Pamela taught me some of my most defining values and I owe her the self respect that she won back for me. Winning the financial award was huge, but regaining my esteem was like getting a new life. Pamela stripped away the retaliatory degradation that CDC had inflicted on me, and through the court system enabled me to stand with integrity again.

Because my daughter observed Pamela’s influence on me, she (twice deployed Sergeant, United States Air Force) has chosen to become a Sexual Assault Response Victim Advocate to assist victims (survivors) of sexual assault, and a Bystander Intervention Training Facilitator to train others in awareness. And, she frequently asks if I’ve heard from Pamela….

I love to hear Pamela whoop and cackle, and can see in my minds’ eye her reaching for a stone to weigh it while measuring the striking distance to her next target! God, mightily Bless my precious David!

John C.

My name is JOHN E. CAMPBELL & Mrs. PRICE Y. PRICE represented me & my discrimination & wrongful termination sue against AMTRAK. It was a 5 year battle & numerous roadblocks thrown at us by AMTRAK but in 2009 we not only got our day in court but we also prevailed. I was rewarded with a monetary reward & my job back with my original seniority. The outcome also resulted & the shake up of several key supervisor positions at AMTRAK WEST. Although i got my job back Mrs. PRICE continue to represent me & my continuing battle at AMTRAK. O’did i mention she is also 1 of closest & dearest friends…..GOD BLESS PRICE & ASSOC……

Charles A.

There are not enough stars, because Pamela is off the chart. Pamela is the best attorney I know. I was married to an attorney for ten years so i do know a few. Pamela also one of my best friends. I love her dearly and am so thankful to have such a loving and caring person as a friend.

Pamela is an outstanding attorney in Civil Rights Law and injustices and discrimination in the workplace. Pamela also represented me in a personal injury case from 2008-2010. I could not find a personal injury lawyer and my dear friend Pamela chose to represent me. I am so thankful because she sensed my frustration and stepped up to the plate for me. The case never made it to trial but with Pamela’s expertise and the support of her excellent staff we settled for five times the initial offer from the insurance company. I know if it would have gone to trial Pamela would have gotten me even more, but the case had dragged on for almost two years so I decided to settle. Pamela has so much compassion which I think contributes to her being a great attorney and human being.

Pamela is so good, one case on appeal gave Pamela an opportunity to argue in front of the United States Supreme Court. How many attorney’s get that opportunity? The attorney I was married too worked with Pamela at Bayview/Hunter’s Point Community Defender located in San Francisco in the early 1980’s. They were both criminal lawyers’ representing those youth and families who were under served. Most of the cases involved young African-American males. Without their representation many of these young men would have gone to jail. I know they won more cases than they lost and probably saved a few young men’s lives. They both were very diligent, unwavering and passionate about representing these youth and their families.

I think our life experiences mold us into how we live life. Pamela probably became the excellent attorney she is today because of one of those life experiences. While a student at Yale Pamela along with others filed a lawsuit against the University because of inappropriate behavior by a professor who offered a good grade for sex. This may have been Pamela’s first opportunity to challenge this injustice and let them know this cannot happen to her or any other female student. This I think is one of the reasons Pamela chose Civil Rights Law to specialize in.

Pamela has significant perseverance and tenacity. These characteristics I think are important to be an attorney. Pamela also is compassionate and genuinely cares about each of her clients. Pamela possesses a lot of passion for fighting against injustices. Pamela is very intelligent and organized. She is a leader and an excellent role model for young African-American females. If I were a little girl I would love to grow up an be just like Pamela Price.

Without hesitation I would highly recommend Pamela to anyone seeking an attorney to represent them in cases of Civil Rights and Discrimination in the workplace. I would also recommend them to her for representation in a personal injury case, even though that is not her expertise. Pamela is an excellent attorney.