In 1991, within days of establishing her own private firm, Attorney Price took on the case of Lisa Pulido v. the California Department of Corrections. Lisa Pulido was one of the first female officers ever to work at San Quentin State Prison. Every day that she worked there, she was sexually harassed and discriminated against because she was a woman. She was treated differently in every way but she persevered. After 16 long years of tortuous sexual harassment, she finally had had enough. She had complained to supervisors up the chain of command, only to find herself the subject of the supervisors’ attentions. One of them, George Mosqueda, promised Lisa that he would protect her. Instead, he began stalking her after work and demanding that she allow him to visit her at home.

The case was tried in Marin County before the Hon. Judge Beverly Savitt, a trailblazer in her own right. Judge Savitt ruled in Lisa’s favor and awarded her $1,300,000 in compensatory damages. The case sent shock waves through San Quentin and CDCR. The Pulido case is the first of a long line of sexual harassment cases against the California Department of Corrections that Attorney Price tried and won.

Lisa Pulido and Pamela Price

Lisa Pulido and Pamela Price suing San Quentin State Prison for sexual harassment, 1991