On April 9, 2016, Pamela Price was honored as one of the Champions of Justice 2016 along with her good friend Attorney Jody LeWitter by the National Lawyers Guild San Francisco Bay Area Chapter.  Jody and Pamela know their courageous clients are the true Champions of Justice – the men and women who had the audacity to hope and the courage to stand for what is right, even if they were standing alone.

Here are Pamela’s comments about the Champions of Justice 2016 Award:

“For me, so many courageous clients have enriched my life.  Tonite, I dedicate my award to the female correctional officers who entrusted their very lives to me over so many years. Starting with Lisa Pulido in 1991 to Martha Berndt from 2003-2016, it has been my honor to represent them, as well as Jamie Pesce, Shawnee Underwood, Deanna Freitag, Melissa Cruz, Kismet Mayo, Judy Longo, Shelly Adcock, Patricia Moreira, Karen Currie, Sophia Curry, Marta Hastings, Kim Morin, Lisa Hobbs, Raissa Jeffries, Lisa Boyd, Irma Sanchez, Monica Jimenez and Yvette Daniels.

Outside of fighting injustice within CDCR, my heroic female clients have included Bernice Peoples, Elaine Stevenson, Hope Young, Tonsa B., Alice A., Donna Rayon-Terrell, NAACP President Freddye Davis, Jackie McCollum, LaTanya Lyles, Nohemi Lazcano, Andrea Gordon, and the Union City Mothers, including Teola Coleman, Auzalea Godfrey, Toynica Ledbetter-Franklin and Tereese Sanders.

My Champions of Justice Circle would not be complete without Danelle McGrue, Rash Cush & George Cosby, David & Mary Arellano, Col. James Warren, Lt. Fred Mestas, John Bumphus, Doug Hines, Claude Weadon, John Campbell, Faheem Hardeman, Adolph Vincent, Eddie Mayes, Clark Walker, Mark Schulthies, Moyse Howard, Rashaan & Kelvin Sanders, Reggie Hamilton, Ronald El-Malik Curtis, Dr. Otis Rounds and the other members of the Doctors Medical Center Closure Aversion Committee (DCAC).

Last but not least, Abner Morgan, Jr. continues to deserve my great respect and appreciation.  Had he not stood up for himself and all of the African-American men being racially harassed inside of Amtrak’s Oakland Yard, I would not have been able to “stand and deliver” at the U.S. Supreme CourtHe is the ultimate “Champion of Justice.”

I am grateful for the honor of the Award – I am even more grateful for the lifetime of representing these folks – my clients.”