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May 2004

Morgan v. Amtrak

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On June 10, 2002, WE WON Morgan v. Amtrak!!!! In a historic decision, Justice Clarence Thomas and the United States Supreme Court affirmed the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision in favor of Abner Morgan, Jr., an African-American electrician who suffered racial discrimination, racial harassment and retaliation at Amtrak’s Oakland Yard. To hear [...]

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April 2020

January 2017

Underwood v. CDCR

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Jury doesn’t buy department’s claim of affair with supervisor By Jess Sullivan November 19, 2007 18:10 Ex-prison guard awarded $1 million in harassment suit FAIRFIELD – In Underwood v. CDCR, a former guard at California State Prison, Solano in Vacaville was awarded more than $1 million by a jury Monday for her sexual harassment [...]

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Tonsa B. v. City of Oakland

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Tonsa B. v. City of Oakland was the second of a pair of shocking high profile sexual assault cases against the City of Oakland.  The case settled for $750,000.  Tonsa B. (a pseudonym), began her first job at age 15 when she was hired by Clayton Collins as his clerical assistant in 1996. Tonsa B. [...]

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April 2016

Bumphus v. Timec

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On June 18, 1998, after eight days of trial, in Bumphus v. Timec, a federal court jury awarded $905,000, including $500,000 in punitive damages against Timec Corporation to John Bumphus. The jury vindicated Mr. Bumphus’ emotional three-year struggle for justice. Timec provides maintenance, turnaround, and construction services to oil and gas, industrial, and utility [...]

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March 2019

Sex Trafficking Fight – Police Accountability

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In May 2016, the citizens of the Bay Area were shocked and appalled by revelations of the abuse of power by Bay Area police officers.  The accused officers are in 6 different law enforcement agencies.  The central figure caught in the eye of the storm is a teenage girl.  She says that she has [...]

April 2016

Davis v. Alameda County

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In Davis v. Alameda County, on Thursday, December 15, 2011, a jury awarded $528,957 to Plaintiff Freddie Davis in her employment retaliation case against the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department.  The jury found Captain James E. Ayala liable for retaliation against Ms. Davis. Freddie Davis has lived a life dedicated to the advancement of civil [...]

January 2017

Stevenson v. County of Sacramento

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On June 24, 2005, in Stevenson v. County of Sacramento, a federal jury of returned a unanimous verdict in favor of Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department Detective Elaine Stevenson. The jury found that Craig Hill, Detective Stevenson’s Sergeant in the Homicide Bureau, retaliated against her for testifying that Hill illegally coerced a confession. Detective Stevenson [...]

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